The Washington Post reported today that Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent a letter to congressional leaders requesting a roll back of medical marijuana protections – the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment – in place since 2014. This comes almost a month (May 19, 2017) after Nelson Hardiman Partner Aaron Lachant warned the CalCPA Association of Beverly Hills and Los Angeles of this potential threat. In the clip below, Aaron states:

“This Rorhabacher-Farr Amendment is a temporary thing. This is a year-to-year budgetary funding measure. Cannabis is still prohibited under federal law. A change of legislative priority can result in prosecutions in the future. A change in federal policy at the executive level can lead to the overturning of the Cole Memo. You have very thin legal standing. It’s as long as the federal government wants to keep this system going.”

Aaron is one of the leading cannabis attorneys in California. He is a regular commentator in the media on marijuana issues, most recently on KCAL9 and Voice of America. For more media appearances and speaking engagements, please view his