Sarvnaz (Miriam) Mackin was appointed to the Women in Health Administration (WHA) Board of Directors. She will serve as Co-Chair of the Sponsorship Committee.

Women in Health Administration of Southern California (WHA) is a nonprofit professional association devoted to supporting the professional growth and advancement of women working in the administrative healthcare field. Miriam joined WHA in 2018 and was drawn in by the positive energy and fellowship of the organization. “After attending my first WHA Woman of the Year Gala several years ago, I knew that I wanted to join the organization,” Miriam said, “The sense of comradery was tangible and it was amazing getting to know so many women in the healthcare field who were encouraging one another.”

Having spent a decade practicing healthcare law, Miriam has a deep understanding of the complexities of litigation in the healthcare arena. Recently, Miriam’s well-rounded perspective as a healthcare litigator greatly aided the firm to secure a victory in a Medical Staff Peer Review Hearing. Miriam and Partner Sara Hersh represented the medical staff of a large medical center who was charging a physician with violating HIPAA,  Medical Center policies, and abusing his authority. After presenting at an evidentiary hearing spanning 5 sessions, the panel unanimously found in favor of the Medical Staff and against the physician on all charges.

In a recent interview with WHA, Miriam explained what drives her passion for healthcare, “I fell into healthcare law when I first started practicing and have not looked back since. I immediately loved working with healthcare practitioners, hospitals, clinics, labs and healthcare groups and organizations. Also, this field of law changes so fast that you always have to be on your toes and appreciate that, what applied yesterday, may not apply today.”

Nelson Hardiman is proud to see our attorneys take leadership roles in the healthcare community.