Partner Aaron C. Lachant was quoted in a December 22, 2017 L.A. Times story titled, “Raring to buy recreational pot in Los Angeles, Not so fast.”

From the article:

California is on the brink of legalizing the sale of recreational pot, with the first round of state licenses for marijuana businesses kicking into effect in January.

To sell marijuana to adult customers — not just patients — marijuana businesses will need both local approval and a state license. Los Angeles will not start taking applications until Jan. 3, beginning with existing medical marijuana dispensaries that have been operating in line with previous city rules.

“A lot of the businesses are disappointed because they aren’t going to be able to participate on the first day,” said Aaron Lachant, an attorney representing some of those existing marijuana shops.

Lachant said his clients feared that amid the media “fanfare” about recreational sales beginning in January, eager customers might turn to the black market.

It is unclear how quickly the city will start processing applications for other kinds of marijuana businesses. The second batch that will be up for city approval are existing growers, manufacturers and other kinds of pot businesses that meet specific requirements.

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