Nelson Hardiman is proud to have been the first law firm in the country, beginning in 2009, to provide regulatory guidance related to medical uses of cannabis to health professionals, product manufacturers, and other industry participants. Cannabis-related questions involve substantial complexity as a result of the combination of decriminalization in the overwhelming majority of States and continued Schedule I Controlled Substance criminalization at the federal level. In an industry where clients frequently complain that their lawyers either think “nothing is a problem” or “everything is a problem,” Nelson Hardiman has earned a reputation for nuanced, practical up-to-date advice to guide clients. We have nearly two decades of experience advising clients on the widest range of legal, regulatory, compliance, risk, and business issues related to cannabis. Our deep knowledge is relied upon by employers, healthcare facilities, product manufacturers, doctors, researchers, cultivators, and retailers who must navigate legal hazards related to interstate commerce, transportation, banking, as well as health and safety as they pertain to cannabis throughout the United States.