Unmatched experience defines the scope of our work with cannabis dispensaries. Our work with local and state government has played a singular role in shaping the path of California marijuana laws, making us the ideal partner for cannabis dispensaries statewide.

A trusted and respected authority on the complexities of marijuana laws, Nelson Hardiman is widely recognized for our work with marijuana dispensaries. We have been intimately involved with crafting local law that governs dispensaries in Los Angeles, and are committed to streamlining and clarifying laws regulating where and how medical marijuana-based businesses can operate in California. No matter the challenge, we have the pioneering experience and regulatory insight marijuana dispensaries need to grow and prosper in the volatile cannabis industry.

Our Work Includes:

  • Business Tax Dispute Persuaded the Los Angeles Office of Finance to reinstate a medical marijuana dispensary’s business tax certificate, enabling our client to re-open their business.
  • Compliance Programs Prepared an operating plan and compliance program for a medical marijuana dispensary in connection with their license application.
  • Multi-party Lawsuit Represented 40 medical marijuana dispensaries and obtained favorable settlements in a multi-party lawsuit filed by the City of Los Angeles. Additionally, represented 20 medical marijuana dispensaries in a lawsuit filed against the City involving the medical marijuana regulatory ordinance.
  • Proposition D Defense Obtained two complete dismissals against Prop D-compliant marijuana businesses, including a dismissal based on a Kellett motion, as well as multiple settlements in which the City Attorney agreed not to prohibit the business from operating.
  • Proposition D Defense Since Proposition D was passed in May 2013 to regulate local medical marijuana businesses, the Los Angeles City Attorney has shut down more than 800 dispensaries. Rarely is a case dismissed. But, Nelson Hardiman won a dismissal on the first day of trial by showing that the prosecution would be unable to meet the legal burden proving our client engaged in illegal activity.
  • Taxation Represented eight medical marijuana dispensaries in ongoing lawsuit related to the City of Los Angeles medical marijuana taxation ordinance.
  • Unfair Competition Obtained a permanent injunction on behalf of a Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensary, as part of a global settlement with an illegal competitor business.
  • Unlawful Seizure Obtained court order for the Los Angeles Police Department to return $100,000 bail payment that was unlawfully seized as well as unlawfully seized medical marijuana.