Harry NelsonHarry Nelson was quoted in the article, “Real Stories of Americans Who Will Be Affected by the Proposed Changes to the ACA – and What YOU Can Do to Fight,” published in The Huffington Post on June 21, 2017. From the article:

Harry Nelson, co-author of the book, “From ObamaCare to TrumpCare: Why You Should Care” estimates that the number of Americans who lose health coverage could be closer to 30 million, and the biggest nightmare of the proposed changes is this fact: those with pre-existing conditions will lose their ability to be insured.

Nelson also states, “the essential health benefits (EHB) that are currently required under all plans was life changing for many families, especially those with addiction treatments and mental health concerns. The ACA also provided dramatic change to families with children with special needs. The Republican plan is to get rid of the EHB and pre-existing conditions. The super conservatives see $100 billion in their pockets. They want tax cuts, and in order to balance the budget it means eliminating the overall costs of health care.”

“The working middle-class who have jobs without company insurance are going to be the hardest hit, along with the 50-65 age group,” Nelson added. “The two parts of the ACA that Americans loved most was the elimination of pre-existing conditions, and the ability to keep your children on your policy until age 26. Under the new proposal, if you lose your job you may never be able to get insurance again if you have a pre-existing condition.”