Harry Nelson Quoted in Becker’s Hospital Review “What does a Donald Trump presidency mean for healthcare? 15 responses”An article in Becker’s Hospital Review featured fifteen people from around the healthcare industry discuss how they expect President-elect Donald Trump to affect healthcare in the future.

The responses were lightly edited for accuracy and length.

Harry Nelson, Founder and Managing Partner of Nelson Hardiman — a law firm focusing on healthcare (Los Angeles): “It will be interesting to see how much Donald Trump weighs in on healthcare as an independent populist or defers to the more conservative politicians and policy wonks who are likely to surround him. Our best guess is a rollback — rather than a complete repeal — of the ACA individual and employer mandates, minimum essential benefit requirements and other elements. We expect to see the state insurance exchanges killed off or die a slow death. The big initiative of Trump’s healthcare policy is likely to be a shift to global capitation for all Medicare beneficiaries. The big questions ahead will be whether he can overcome the legal challenges to enact national underwriting in place of state-by-state insurance regulation, also how much will be done to soften the blow of lost insurance coverage from the Obamacare rollback.”


The 2016 Presidential race in the books. Despite winning the popular vote, HRC falls short and the future of Obamacare is called into question. What can the healthcare industry expect from President Donald Trump? And given his relative inexperience with – and potential disinterest in – “wonkish” healthcare policy issues, how personally involved will President Trump be in formulating and executing on his administration’s policy agenda? While it’s early, here are 10 key healthcare turning points to
look for under the new administration.


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