In July 2010, the City of West Hollywood filed suit against the owners of apartment units that are being used as “sober living” residences for people in recovery from drug- and alcohol addiction. In September 2010, the City moved for a preliminary injunction to stop the usage. Nelson Hardiman argued that the City’s motion omitted a necessary and indispensable party — Klean W. Hollywood. Nelson Hardiman also argued that, notwithstanding the “Not in My Backyard” protests of local residents, the City failed to make a compelling case that the City was harmed by the use. On November 30, 2010, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Linda Lefkowitz agreed, ruling in favor of Nelson Hardiman’s clients and denying the City’s motion. In a related action filed by Nelson Hardiman, Klean is suing the City for violating the civil rights of the residents of the apartments.