Partner Aaron Lachant will be joined by Dr. Juli Crocket to answer questions surrounding California’s New Cannabis Regulations.

The workshop will cover:

  • California’s three state cannabis licensing authorities released changes to the proposed cannabis regulations, marking the next step toward adopting non-emergency regulations. Similar to previously proposed changes, there will be a 15-day public comment period where you can make your voice heard.
  • Our workshop will inform you of what changes were made to the regulations. Which changes you should comment on. And how the changes will affect your cannabusiness. Plus, as always, some Q+A time with our experts Aaron and Dr. Juli.
  • Some of the new regulations that we will cover include the intensified financial interests information required, child-proof packaging put off until 2020, possibly the end to white labeling, new licensing fees, prohibition of marketing cannabis goods as alcoholic products, and lots, lots more!