Harry Nelson will be discussing the topic of opioids and cannabis in professional sports at the Future Cannabis Project.

From his article:

The attention to opioid dependency and the associated risks has made the issue of alternative therapeutics, including cannabis, all the more interesting. As I share in The United States of OpioidsI made the decision to get involved on advising on medical uses of marijuana for two reasons. First, the vast, unexplored terrain of the healing properties of cannabinoids — based on the suppression of research as a result of marijuana’s Schedule I status under the Controlled Substance Act — made it one of the most promising opportunities to identify alternatives to opioids. Second, while opioids are killing people and putting lives at risk with rising overdose rates, cannabis is not. As I write in the The United States of Opioids, “there is no cannabis crisis to parallel the opioid crisis for a simple reason: cannabis isn’t deadly. There is no dose at which people overdose on cannabis and stop breathing. Cannabis doesn’t kill people by poisoning them.

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