The addiction treatment industry has been booming in recent years in large part due to greater insurance coverage and the nationwide opioid epidemic. California is among the states that is experiencing a proliferation of residential properties becoming licensed as non-medical detox and residential treatment facilities, or being used as unlicensed sober living homes. With the industry’s growth has come increased concern about whether patients can continue to get much needed treatment while not being exploited due to their vulnerable and desperate state by those who are focused on profits rather than on providing quality care.

In this presentation, you will receive an overview of the key legal issues that are currently affecting California’s addiction treatment industry. The topics covered will include:

The regulatory and licensing framework for providers of addiction treatment services

* Reimbursement of addiction treatment services and the ongoing battle for insurance coverage
* Legal challenges to marketing addiction treatment services and patient referral arrangements
* Sober living homes and NIMBYism.


John A. Mills, Nelson Hardiman LLP
Zachary E. Rothenberg, Nelson Hardiman LLP