Partner Rob Fuller was interviewed by Law360 regarding the recent CVS-Aetna merger and the potential impact the combination will have on the healthcare industry.

From the article:

Rob Fuller, a partner with Nelson Hardiman LLP who formerly worked as a hospital administrator, told Law360 that the trend of insurance companies reaching beyond their traditional business lines stretches back more than a decade, noting that other insurers own medical groups or other types of providers. CVS pitches its deal as a way to help shift the nation’s health care model toward more preventative care by providing Aetna’s insurance customers with access to thousands of retail locations where they can receive care.

Fuller said this too has been a trend over the last several years, with pharmacies offering more and more health services to customers.

“It’s the evolution of a couple of different trends,” Fuller said. “The insurance companies vertically diversifying their portfolio of health services and pharmacies gradually becoming retail clinics.”

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